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The advantage of drinking hot (comfortably warm) water …

Cleanses out the stomach
Stimulates the sluggish liver
Causes the urine to flow as it should 
Promotes downward peristalsis – it keeps undigested foods moving.
Liquefies and purifies the blood
Washes out uric acid from the joints
It greatly lightens the labour of the heart – pure liquid blood
It quickly diminishes pain
It induces sound, refreshing sleep

No other drink quenches thirst as well as hot water

Water should be slowly sipped like tea or coffee – comfortably warm and not foolishly hot

Aim for not less than 4 x 500ml of warm water a day, drink it at least 1½ hours before each of your three meals, always on an empty stomach.

The last 500ml to be taken 3 hours after your last meal of the day

The longer you take hot water, the more you will feel the benefit

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What is it of life that I would miss the day I am dead?

Okay I know that when I die I would most probably not miss this world, but since I have never died yet, I don’t know, so this is what I believe I would miss if I had to die today.

First of all I will miss my son, most of all his smile, he has this way of smiling that can light up a city, it starts small, with a twinkle in his eyes and then it moves to the dimples in his cheeks, and then spreads to his whole face.

No matter how dark my day is or how mad I am with him, it is his smile that brings me back to “normality”.

I will miss the people I work with, it is such a pleasure to see their smiling faces each morning when I get to work, I enjoy greeting them one by one and having a little chat here and there, the same goes for home-time, we have become like family.

I do believe I will miss them.

I will miss the wind. I love when the wind plays with my hair, when I feel the wind on my face, the coolness of the wind on a hot summer day.

I will miss the sun. The warmth on my skin. The feeling of being healthy when out in the sun.

I will miss the rain. The smell of rain mixing with dust, there is just no other smell like it. The sound of rain falling outside whilst in bed, falling asleep to the sound of it.

I will miss nodding off sitting in the winter’s sun, the drowsy feeling between being awake and sleep.

I will miss the sound of laughter, listening to people laughing, and the sound of Joy.

I will miss the ocean. Watching the waves break and rolling onto the shore, the smell of fresh air mixing with salt and seaweed, the smell of wet sand and rocks.

I will miss the earth, the feeling of walking bare feet on the grass, the sand, even the little stones digging into your soft skin, it brings you as close to nature as you possibly can get.

I will miss reading, reading has the ability to transform your present state of mind, and it takes you wherever you give your mind permission to go, it opens up a whole new world, and it teaches you to use your imagination.

I will miss music, no need to explain this one, as music, well music is music.




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Ek het myself nog altyd as redelik intelligent gesien, ook heel sag op die oog.
My brein is gewoonlik in topversnelling en ek probeer altyd meer weet en probeer ook die ware feite van alles te bekom en ook my lewenslesse te leer.
Wat ek wel sukkel om te verstaan is hoe sekere vroue die absolute mag het om n man totaal en al “ketools” te maak.
Die manne hardloop soos klein hondjies agter hierdie tipe vroue aan, die vrou klap haar vingers en die man “perform”.
Hoe is dit so ?
Hierdie tipe vroue is baie gevaarlik, hul ken die fyn kuns van manipulasie, die man sal lieg, bedrieg, steel en selfs moor vir so n vrou.
Dit is nie n nuwe verskynsel nie, dit gebeur al van die begin van tyd af, sekere vroue wat n web spin en die man heeltemal daarin toedraai, so vasgespin dat hy nie eers reguit kan dink nie.
Hierdie tipe vroue is gewoonlik glad nie netjies nie en sommer net lui, hul is ook soms onnet op hulself, die man moet die huishouding aan die gang hou sowel as die vrou gelukkig hou.
Die vroue kom en gaan soos dit hul pas, wanneer hul genoeg gehad het, word die sakkie gepak en hul wip hul gatte en weg is hul, net om oor n rukkie terug te keer, met die man al kruipende, want ag foeitog hy kon dit dan nou kwansuis amper nie oorleef sonder die vrou nie.
Dit gaan glad nie oor mooi of slimwees nie, die vroue is gewoonlik nie een van die twee nie, hul is wel slim genoeg om die man aan sy neus rond te lei.
Dit gaan ook nie regtig oor sensualiteit of opwinding nie, want die meeste van ons gewone, normale vroue bied dit ook vir n man aan.
Wat is dit wat hul het, of gebruik om die man so te “hou” so als vir haar te laat doen, en dan self jammer te voel oor hy haar nie alles kan bied nie.
Dit is vir my verstommend hoe sekere vroue die kuns bemeester het om n man so absoluut afhanklik van haar te maak.
Ek kon nog nooit n man se aandag so geheel en al vasvang nie.


When you read what I have to say you might think this girl does not know whether she is coming or going.

Trust me, I have been all over the Religious Show, been up and down on all the roads, got the hat, the T-shirt and the cap on all of them.

Last year I finally decided that, and trust me, this is after years and years of reading and investigating, that ALL religions have basically the same story line, I am not here to spoon-feed, go see for yourself.

Just take the Crucified Saviour to start with.

The Way, The Truth, The Life

Supreme Gods

Go and have a looksee for yourself.

I am not here to try and convince you of anything, I am just here to say my say.

A beautiful friend of mine, and beautiful she is…

She asked for help, to help her convert from Atheism.

Well I know where she is coming from, I have been to Hell and back, although I don’t even believe in “HELL”…

I’ve been raised as a Christian, to believe what the Church tells you, to read your Bible and pray and believe, well when I hit my 20’s it changed, I moved from a small town to a big city and saw that life was not just good and easy for everyone.

I also saw that the good people was not always rewarded, and the bad did not always meet Karma, you know Karma, that bitchy one … whom I also do not believe in.

For many years Religion/God/Jesus was never even a thought of mine, I carried on with my life, I also did not force any type of Religion onto my son, not then.

When I turned 40 I was married to a crazy mentally disturbed motherfucker!

He abused me in all ways possible, but that was only part of the horror.  He belonged to one of the Sect Churches, well my son and I was forced to go with him, my son became too scared to go out the house, he told me, Ma what if I die, I will go to Hell!!

It was right there where I decided to act and pull myself and life together.

My son and I had to “escape” whilst he was at work, we were lucky to escape with our lives.

Sooooo … where was God, where was Jesus, we are told that He lives in us, but not one would reach out and help my son and I.

But still, we overcame and I started on my religious path once again, thanking God for saving us, now I know that it was me, myself and only I that saved my son and I, I made the decision to leave.

You might think I was a wanna-be Christian then, so NOT

I studied the Bible, most of the Editions… For those who believes the KJV is the Alpha and the Omega, go dig deeper, you will find that there were many forerunners …

Wycliffe Version

Tyndale Translation

Coverdale Translation

Matthew’s Bible

The Great Bible

Geneva Bible

Bishop’s Bible

The KJV was a revision of the Bible based on the Bishops’ Bible which

was a revision of the Great Bible, the Great Bible being based on the

Matthew, Coverdale and Tyndale Bibles.

Many Many Many things the average Christian, Bible Puncher are not aware of.

I believed in the second-coming of Jesus, then I switched to the Rapture, how bizarre, I know.

Then back again, then I came upon fulfilled eschatology and I knew I was onto something.

In my mind then the Bible made more sense, knowing now that it was not written for us, but to the people of 2000 plus years ago.


I was still not satisfied, because the World does not make sense, a Loving God does not make sense, cause why would God decide who to bless and who not to?

Why oh why is the world filled with poverty and hunger, violence and greed?

I will tell you why, it is because of MAN/WOMAN, we are the World.

I know the world came about, whether created or just formed, I am just not sure as to how?

I do NOT believe in the Big Bang Theory, in my heart I believe it was created, but billions of years ago.

Then last year I thought after all this pain and horror I am putting myself through, I decided I was now an Atheist.

But that did not sit right with me, Atheist and Christians are very much alike, always bullying the other side.

Then after many hours of reading again I thought Deism …

Which is still a sort of religion, I thought I do believe in a God, but I could still not wrap my head around this selective God.

So, what I am finally getting to, sorry you had to sit through this whole lecture of mine.

Yesterday I had this silly experience again listening to “Christians” praising and thanking God for caring for them, whilst the Hobos where standing next to them begging.

I had a restless night as these things do keep me up at night.

This morning I came to the conclusion and I do believe this in now what it will stay…

I decided I am Agnostic.

I honestly do not care what anybody thinks of it, I honestly also do not care on what religious path you are walking, each to their own.

It took me many wasted years of trying to find the Loving God, but for crying out loud, I just can’t.

Christians believe that the Good go to Heaven and the Bad go to Hell??


Who decides?

I am not asking you to go and investigate any of these TRUTHS, but then again I ask of you to respect my beliefs/or lack of.

Most of my friends and family are still at where I was, it does not make a difference to me.

All I know is that we are all here on Earth, we have a life to live, we are all going to die, and good for those who end up in Heaven, wherever that may be, and well good for those who will re-incarnate, good for those who will just get eternal rest.

Heaven knows, we all deserve eternal rest after this roller coaster ride called life.

Just so you know, when you read my new postings, or see my change in belief, you will know where I am at, and rest assured I do not need medication and be sure that I am not on drugs.

So that’s it folks, like some peeps would say, I have finally arrived at my Station.

Thank you for those who actually took time to read this, I do appreciate.

I am always almost transparent, I carry my heart on my sleeve, and I say my say.

I do not pretend to be what I am not.





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“A funny thing happened to me on my way to Nashville …..”

If you sit and think for a while, three days could pass quickly and/or also drag on forever.

Either nothing can happen in 3 days or everything could happen in 3 days.

Well coming back to my “road trip” to Nashville, I met up with a gambler, we were both too wired to sleep …

No I just made that up to get your attention.

I came to realize that in the short space and time of 3 days and 3 nights the following could happen to you:

You could go from dead to be resurrected
You could go from empty to fulfilled
You could go from round to flat
You could go from someday to everyday
You could go from worry to not having a care and
You could go from earthling to child in the Kingdom of God

I found this short piece I wrote and at first I could not remember why I actually wrote it, this was in 2015 ..
Then it all came back to me 🌺🌺
Memories are beautiful, go visit them often.



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Why is it that some of us fall in love with the wrong people, not the wrong people as in that there is something wrong with the people we fall in love with, but wrong in the sense that we know they are almost out of reach.

Why put ourselves through all the pain and heartache, the hours thinking about a specific person that is just so far away that it is impossible to reach out and touch them.

Why do we not search for someone that is within reach, within travelling distance?

What is it that we see in those who live so far away, in those who has a totally different way of life, in those who believes different to us, even those who moves in total different walks of life.

Do we all do that?

NO not all of us, I had a friend once telling me that I choose to fall in love with people out of my reach as it is a kind of barrier I put up, we build the walls around us and we hope to find someone brave enough to scale them or even break them down.

I cannot explain this “thing” that some of us do, but one cannot explain most of what involves love.

Can one really fall in love with someone so far away, someone you have never met in person, can one?

I do believe you can, you might fall in love with the idea of love, you might fall in love with the picture you paint in your mind, but love is still love.

I often wish that we could all just love and see with the heart and not the eyes, what if the whole world would get to be blind, we would fall in love with “souls” and not “people”.




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We all have our own “issues” to deal with each day.
Some days we also help deal with “issues” of those we love.
Then on some days we are unable to deal with any of the above.
Don’t let days like this steal your JOY, don’t make yourself believe that the other person don’t love you, don’t judge, not yourself and not another.
Keep in mind that we all have our own little battles to fight.
So next time someone appears to not pay attention, it might just be that their own inner self is in need of that attention first.
We might appear to be broken pieces but in the eyes of God, we are all perfect.
It is thoughts like this that keep me up at night.
Still trying to get to understand life …..